Letters to the Editor

Church and state

The Herald regularly prints columns and letters from Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski. Most concern political matters such as immigration or freedom of choice, rather than the plight of individuals.

As a Democrat, a Jew and a woman, I agree that immigration reform is necessary. However, I have read the U.S. Constitution several times, and it speaks clearly to the need for a separation of church and state.

Religious institutions are tax-exempt in our country, the better to serve the needs of the faithful. But once the man who takes a vow of poverty takes the pulpit to espouse political views in silk, satin and gold braid, he is conspicuously violating his vow of poverty and the constitutional right of church and state separation.

He should speak his views and pay taxes like all citizens, or claim his tax exemption and stay away from politics. The church cannot and should not have it both ways.

Arlene Ross, Miami