Letters to the Editor

Theme-park negatives

Re the Dec. 27 article County wants forest land reclassified: You know the world has been turned upside-down when a Miami-Dade consultant is recommending that the Zoo Miami’s pine rockland area be declared blighted.

Commissioner Dennis Moss refers to “the economic impact [Disney World] had on Central Florida” and wants that for southern Miami-Dade. He’s willing to sacrifice the quality of life for tens of thousands of residents with an economic impact that includes miles of tourist T-shirt shops, dead-end minimum wage jobs, unrelenting traffic congestion, increased commuter times, lower property values, increased crime, over-burdened public schools and other public services, while the county reaps the benefits of additional tax revenue.

The endangered pine rockland is a precious oasis in the reality of urban sprawl. Miami Wilds, Walmart and other massive development would transform Southwest 152nd Street into a thoroughfare not unlike U.S. Hwy 192 in Kissimmee.

A reasonable alternative would be to kill two birds with one stone and move the Miami-Dade Youth Fair and Exposition to this site.

Scott J. Siegel, Miami