Letters to the Editor

Bravo for Dozier series

The excellent two-part reporting on the Dozier School for Boys on Jan. 4 and 5 is like reading the script for an upcoming thriller/horror movie.

The cast of characters is simply remarkable in their pursuit of truth and justice; their heroic fight against bullying, lying, deceit and threats from those who tried to prevent the truth from emerging even after 70 years is laudable and inspiring.

And the reporting was brilliant: Ben Montgomery did a superior job of integrating the several different strands of this six-year effort to discover the truth behind the hidden abuse at Dozier, helping to vindicate the families of the victims who suspected all along the horrific fate of their sons.

Bravo to the entire team for a moving and masterful account of a sad chapter in Florida’s history.

Valerie Sutter, Coral Gables