Letters to the Editor

Support solar energy

I grew up here in sunny South Miami, Florida, but it wasn't until I got back from living in progressive California, that I realized just how far behind Florida was, especially in an area we should be leading in: solar energy.

I was shocked at how FPL has lobbied over and over again to stifle tax credits for the average Floridian just trying to get solar roof top panels on his or her home. Shame on you, FPL!

Please listen to me and the many Floridians who demand their solar tax credits be reinstated. Latinos support rooftop solar growth by overwhelming margins. Yet, the most powerful utilities are lobbying hard, trying to get them to stop the growth of solar energy.

The big utilities have traditionally relied on the big profits they make from bloated dirty energy projects. Dirty energy projects — like natural gas plants — are often built in poor communities, polluting our air and guzzling up water resources at a time of record droughts.

That’s why the big utilities feel threatened by the growth of rooftop solar revolution. More clean energy means more local jobs for our communities but fewer profits for the utilities’ traditional dirty energy business model.

In California, two-thirds of new solar installations are now taking place in middle-class and low-income communities. This means that more families are now able to benefit from the economic benefits that solar energy brings. Rooftop solar projects are expected to save California schools and public buildings $2.5 billion over the next 30 years, helping to free up much needed funding for teachers and student programs. But what about Florida?

This is not the time to obstruct the growth of rooftop solar. Our state’s entire clean energy economy depends on moving forward, not dragging our feet.

Brenda Macedo, Miami