Letters to the Editor

Pot and smoke

Regarding federal rulings that could potentially accelerate the greater use of marijuana (Dec. 13’s Indian tribes can grow, sell pot on own lands, feds say), it seems that much more costly and important issues could be at stake.

Some of the tribes mentioned have already stated their opposition, citing drug dependency and environmental concerns. A healthy population and the best, affordable, healthcare and insurance for all should be overriding issues. Nonrecreational and medical uses aside, our already heavily burdened healthcare system should not be further taxed by the increased cancers, respiratory, and other illnesses such rulings might facilitate.

Second hand smoke of any kind is a serious health matter. Moreover, we all pay the bill for increased medical care.

Working hard to make a difference in this regard, a big thank you to Miami-Dade County’s Tobacco Free Workgroup. They have done wonderful community outreach against tobacco use, especially regarding our youth.

Help support your TFW and decrease smoking in 2015.

Judith Futerfas, South Miami