Letters to the Editor

Traffic wish list

Just to add a few notable major issues of concern to your recently published editorial on Jan. 1, Wish list for 2015, which need to be addressed by our elected officials that, I truly believe are much needed in Miami-Dade and throughout the state.

Every resident/motorist, especially the emergency service providers, are undoubtedly affected by the poor traffic mobility issues which are currently existing on a daily basis during peak load hours throughout Miami-Dade.

The traffic mobility/gridlock issue will only continue to become worse on a daily basis as additional residents move to South Florida in the next five to 15 years with the current inadequate roadway infrastructure in place to accommodate them.

Much needed traffic mobility improvements can be performed at many locations throughout Miami-Dade incurring minimal expense which would significantly improve traffic flow through the major areas which for unknown reasons is simply not occurring.

Please note that no metropolitan city will ever resolve the existing transportation mobility/traffic gridlock issue by building additional roadways/bridges since there is no major capital funding available. There are currently no taxpayer funds available for much needed mass transit enhancements other than adding more buses/routes to the public roadways.

Additional tolled express lanes are also going to be built on Interstate 75 and on the State Road 826 as well.

So what’s next? Having tolls imposed on all of the local arterial roadways ?

Mike Arias, Miami