Letters to the Editor

U.N. hypocritical

I commend Tim Seale for for asking Congress and President Obama to condemn human rights abuses around the world and “support Congressional action” to attempt to reduce them (Condemn rights abusers, Dec. 21, Readers’ Forum) .

I would extend this request further and ask the president and Congress to condemn the hypocrisy of the United Nations, especially those member states sitting on the Human Rights Council — Cuba, North Korea and Saudi Arabia — that flagrantly disregard their citizens’ human rights. These countries are some of the world’s worst human-rights abusers, and the United Nations is sworn to uphold the highest standards in promoting and protecting human rights throughout the world.

Last year, almost 50 percent of all UNHRC resolutions condemning human-rights abuses were aimed at Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East. As long as blatant human-rights abusers remain members of the UNHRC, the U.N.’s shameless injustice and hypocrisy will continue.

Joseph Goldman,