Letters to the Editor

We are our church

Re the Dec. 11 story Demolition begins on Bal Harbour’s Church by the Sea: As a Bal Harbour resident, I respect the views of my village neighbors. However, as an active member of the Church by the Sea, I think it’s also important to share the viewpoint of the majority of our members.

More than 90 percent of those gathered at several meetings of the congregation voted to move to a new home. It seems, however, that the voices of a few overshadow the voices of the majority.

For most of our members, the Church by the Sea is the people and the faith community of which we have chosen to be a part. Though we appreciated and loved our building, it no longer met the needs of the growing church school, handicapped members and guests and our community.

We thank God for the building that served us well in the past and move forward toward our new one with gratitude and love.

Still, some may never be able to move forward, and we realize this as well.

Danielle Touboul,

Bal Harbour