Letters to the Editor

Saving an oak tree

Kudos to the city of Coral Gables’ leaders and residents for their joint effort in preserving the old oak tree known as Sherman’s Oak as part of a public park.

Because of neighbors’ civic activism, city leaders negotiated with the developer and were able to purchase two lots to protect the tree and enhance the surrounding area.

The administration of Coral Gables listened, and has set a precedent for more public open space, pocket parks and respect for the residents’ quality of life.

In contrast, the administration of the city of South Miami wrote a tree ordinance that does not comply with the Miami-Dade County ordinance, and even after being officially notified, it refused to amend its ordinance.

The destruction of trees, lot clearing and sweetheart deals to developers continues.

But, we have an election coming up in February and look forward to a new mayor that will respect our beautiful city, its landscape and its activists.

Marie D. Valenti,

South Miami