Letters to the Editor

Residents can win

Re the Dec. 26 story Wynwood divided over massive development plan: Last month, Miami Beach residents soundly defeated a plan by a millionaire developer to change the zoning rules on Ocean Terrace in North Beach, sending a strong message that they will determine the character of the area, not developers who have no connection to the place.

Now the residents of Wynwood are facing the same challenge. North Beach, too, was divided between those who saw the plan as a positive and those who saw it as destroying the neighborhood. The well-connected developer, who gave thousands of dollars to the later-discredited PAC, Relentless for Progress, showed beautiful renderings of what he could do. But none of what was shown was guaranteed. Not one Miami Beach precinct, not just those in North Beach, voted to approve the proposal.

The message was clear: Don’t try to put anything over on the residents without our explicit input. North Beach’s message to other county residents is also clear: Hang in there, the “little people” can prevail. When you win , don’t think it’s over, they’ll be back with different tactics.

We have reconstituted as North Beach Neighbors Alliance to make sure commissioners know we are watching. Be ever vigilant to protect your neighborhood and your rights.

David Golomb,

Miami Beach