Letters to the Editor

Brickell-area residents can’t park

Miami has been installing bike racks throughout the city without any consideration or consultation with the residents affected. Brickell Bay Drive between 14th and 15th streets is a case in point. Two sets of bike racks have been installed in this one block street, taking away much-needed parking spaces for the residents of six buildings that have a total of 800 units.

To make matters worse, residents agreed with the Miami Parking Authority to declare this area residential parking only for more than 10 years, paying $25 every year for the chance (not guaranteed) of parking by our homes without having our cars towed. Now, someone in the city and in the parking authority is ignoring this longstanding agreement and entering into a commercial enterprise in a residential community. Residents are incensed and demand that these racks be removed.

Nelly Zamora, Miami