Letters to the Editor

Climate changing

Re Scott Shertzer’s Dec. 3 letter on how climate change is not urgent: I guess it’s a matter of whose ox is about to be gored. Most likely, that of our children and grandchildren. When their taps are running brackish, their cars are rusting out from sloshing through salt water and mortgages are unavailable or sky high in half the area because banks know homes will be unlivable, I’d call that urgent — and these are just a few of the coming nightmares.

I can remember in the ’60s and ’70s, when you put the lawnmower away around Thanksgiving and brought it out in late March. The weather was cool and dry; grass didn’t grow. Now, there’s mowing all year. And our fruit trees don’t know when to bloom any more.

The climate is changing, and probably at an accelerated rate as we lose ice caps. I doubt we can turn it around, but we could slow it down with sensible restrictions and incentives to limit pollutants.

Susan Walend, Margate