Letters to the Editor

Dolphins makeover

The Dolphins asked season ticket holders to commit to renewing by Dec. 18, during the worst stretch of an awful season. This is a bad business decision. It’s the holidays. What were they thinking?

Second, please stop reminding us that it has been four decades since the Dolphins won a championship.

And how many times do we have to hear that ancient “When you’re talking Dolphins, you’re talking Super Bowl” song? As a Red Sox fan, I can tell you that this is akin to going to Fenway pre-2004 and having to hear about that great team that won it all in 1918.

Last, a friendly reminder to Stephen Ross and everyone in the Dolphins organization:

NFL tickets are expensive, and we have many other things we could be doing on Sundays. We expect and deserve a better team next year, on both sides of the ball and in the front office as well.

Michael Bertrand,

Boca Raton