Letters to the Editor

New approach to Cuba

In spite of the Castro brothers being emphatic that there will be no changes in government policies in Cuba, many still believe U.S. tourism and investments will make a difference on the island.

But Europeans, Latin Americans, Canadians and Asians have not been able to bring about change during the past 56 years that they’ve traveled freely to the island.

A whopping 2.85 million tourists visited Cuba in 2013. This amount of visitors in an island of 11 million hardly justifies President Obama saying that Cuba has been “isolated” from the rest of the world.

With this shift in policy, many debate who the real winners will be. So why this change in policy now?

With Chinese equipment drilling for oil off the coast of Cuba and the regime’s close connection with North Korea having been discovered while trafficking 240 tons of illegal arms there last year, the United States has decided to replace the old foreign policy with new ideology, taking the advice to, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

Alicia Cubota Smith,

Miami Beach