Letters to the Editor

For citizens only

Re Ron Hayduk’s Dec. 27 Other Views article, Noncitizens voting? The fair thing to do: Why would the Herald publish such a foolish article? The right to vote is for American citizens only.

Legal citizens have skin in the game. They suffer the consequences of their votes.

Millions of Americans have fought and died protecting the right to vote.

Voters not only should be citizens, they also should be able to pass a simple test, proving that they understand the basic structure of our system before they are given the opportunity to vote.

A vote should never be cavalierly given to somebody who shows up without significant forethought.

Our great country is at a critical crossroad. We are divided and suffering the results of uninformed voters electing charismatic candidates backed by deep-pocketed people who want only to preserve their own interests.

An ignorant electorate is easily manipulated, and the results can be disastrous.

Richard W. Foss, Miami