Letters to the Editor

Greynolds’ zoning

Re the Dec. 18 article Court kills controversial upzoning near historic Greynolds Park:

It’s only natural for developers to request upzoning of a recently acquired property because that instantly increases its value and virtually guarantees the ability to maximize profits.

It’s tragic that citizens have to constantly fight every upzoning battle in an effort to preserve their neighborhood.

It’s about time that we had a more level playing field for this never-ending sport.

Individuals should be offered a public zoning advocate or ombudsman to help them preserve their neighborhood and quality of life that they have worked hard to achieve.

Perhaps there’s another alternative:

Let’s relieve our commissioners of the tediousness and stress of having to study all those boring rezoning requests and having to debate the issue, since they will never make everyone happy.

Let’s agree that zoning codes need to be respected and supported. They were designed to benefit the community with planned smart growth. They must not be arbitrarily altered to suit every developer that promises the moon and the stars.

Harry Emilio Gottlieb,

Coconut Grove