Letters to the Editor

Abusive prisons

Kudos to the Miami Herald for the series on Florida’s abusive prisons, Lowell especially. I went to jail in Polk County in 2012. The conditions there were just as bad as Lowell with one exception: no male guards. But there was zero rehabilitation, worms in the food, drugs, violence, sex, lack of supplies, overcrowding, filth and more.

I’m fortunate because I’m clean now, have an education, and a supportive family; but most of the women I was with do not. They will go back to the same old lives they knew, and will go back to jail.

Shame on Gov. Scott for not sparing tax money to save peoples lives, for not investing in programs that will rehabilitate non-violent offenders instead of ruining their lives and their families lives, and for sending them to jail where they don’t get better.

Marlene Garcia,