Letters to the Editor

Rogue commuters

I read with interest the Dec. 11 letter, Serving commuters. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to focus on the violating commuter and trying to change their behavior to strictly obey the rules of the road so that the police could help direct congested traffic, when needed.

Recent history would reveal that Miami ranks in the top five nationwide in road rudeness and aggressive drivers.

Why not hold the driver responsible for his actions by having stronger consequences for breaking the law? These rogue commuters put good drivers at risk unnecessarily.

Could the Metro-Miami driving culture be changed from a “me first” and “I am above the law” mentality to an empathetic and defensive strategy that relies on the personal integrity of the individual driver to make South Florida safer and less stressful?

Yes, police officers should serve to help traffic congestion. More emphasis should be on the traffic leaders and driving violators to solve this worsening commuter problem.

Jim Lentz, Fort Lauderdale