Letters to the Editor

Ballplayers in Cuba

Although nothing surprises me in politics any more, I had to slap myself to realize I wasn’t dreaming.

The 11 o’clock news showed five or six Cuban Major League Baseball players returning to Cuba last week in a visit related to talks about the possibility of the communist island’s professional players playing in the Major Leagues.

Antonio Castro, son of Fidel Castro, was presiding over the reunion with expressions of hugs and wide open smiles toward the same Cuban players who the government had labeled as traitors and parasites for escaping the island when they had the chance to flee from Cuba a few years back.

For those baseball fans who enthusiastically see this meeting as a chance to see their favorite Cuban players hit the ball here at Marlins Stadium, this is a reason to celebrate.

But for me, a Cuban-American who suffers when he sees members of the Cuban regime beating peaceful women protesting for freedom , this is a slap in the face.

Omar Sotolongo,