Letters to the Editor

Cuban exodus

Kudos on Maria Werlau's Dec. 17 brilliant combination of analysis and exposition on the surging Cuban exodus, Cuba regime creates exodus to force repeal of sanctions.

Her column succinctly serves as a blueprint for understanding the issues surrounding the “fabricated crisis” of recent Cuban immigration. On the anniversary of the changes in U.S.-Cuba policy, the article facilitates the much needed process of enacting and implementing solutions responsive to the ongoing debacle.

The column also reminds us of what should be held as even more profound U.S. interests of fostering the rebirth of democracy in Cuba.

In the long term, only a free and democratic Cuba can be a reliable neighbor to help protect our borders, and an ally in the upholding of human dignity that lies at the very core of what we, that miracle of history that is the United States of America, must fundamentally remain all about.

Randy Espinet, Miami