Letters to the Editor

Keys Gate golf

Re the Dec. 11 article, Rosen to city: Keep the $3.5M, I'll let golf course go brown: As a ten year resident of Keys Gate in Homestead, I was appalled and disappointed at Wayne Rosen’s decision to abandon the golf course project.

He purchased the golf course late in 2014 and shut it down. After several months of complaints from the homeowners residing around the golf course and the appearance of several pythons, the city of Homestead Code Enforcement demanded that he mow the golf course, which was turning into the Everglades.

Rosen then threatened the community with construction on the golf course if the golf course residents weren’t willing to contribute a monthly “recreational fee” to subsidize his golf course operation.

After further complaints from the community residents, he turned to Homestead for a HUD Loan of $3 million. The City Council was willing to support his loan application; however, it demanded certain terms and a letter of credit to ensure the protection of the loan and to consider an equity position in case Rosen decided at a later date to sell the golf course at a significant profit.

He argues that what changed his mind was several articles that appeared criticizing his significant contribution to a number of Homestead Council members. A powerful businessman, Rosen used to get his way with Miami-Dade County officials.

We hope he will change his mind and decide to proceed with the “redevelopment of the golf course” and build homes in “the back fingers” with his own finances.

The potential of a redeveloped golf course in Homestead will provide him with the opportunity to build 900 homes that should result in a profitable venture for him and his investors.

When we purchased our home back in 2005, we paid an additional $50,000 for a lot facing the golf course. Keys Gate Realty and Rosen’s developing company promised a viable golf course.

Today we feel betrayed by both Keys Gate Realty and Wayne Rosen. The homeowners of Keys Gate deserve better than a “brown golf course” in our backyard.

Julio R. Lago, Homestead