Letters to the Editor

Great publicity

Re Kathleen Parker’s Dec. 24 column, Kim Jong Un’s little Christmas gift to us: The dictator of North Korea has given more than a Christmas present to the American public , because the cash register will ring up substantial profits for The Interview.

No matter what the merits of the film are, the publicity surrounding its initial withdrawal, then the later decision to release it will give it box-office blockbuster appeal.

Certainly, the subject matter and the ensuing cyberspace response from North Korea caused a controversy that has been noted in all media, inducing the American public to open up its wallet. The heads of Sony could not have asked for a better pre-release scenario.

The objections from North Korea have given financial status to a movie that, based on its story, and despite good reviews might have faltered at the box office, Sony should be grateful to Kim Jong Un, for the publicity.

Nelson Marans, Silver Spring, Md.