Letters to the Editor

No to FIU growth

I am writing in opposition to Florida International University’s attempt to expand onto 65-acres of county land which is now in service to our community’s youth.

I realize FIU has spent a lot of money on lobbying voters and commissioners to support their position, and they claim this is a very much needed project and claim it would be an economic boom for the region.

But they don’t say it would come at the expense of the many youths who take advantage of not only the many opportunities provided by the Youth Fair, but from the youth sports leagues operating on these grounds which have helped the children of the area participate in sound, positive developmental activities far beyond my 34 years in the community.

They also point out voters voted in favor of the FIU expansion, surely due to the massive propaganda campaign launched by FIU, but this is an inaccurate claim. Voters only approved allowing FIU expansion onto county land.

Now it’s up to the commissioners to decide what serves their constituents best. It is time to show real leadership and to do what’s right.

Frank Lujan, Miami

Alfredo Hidalgo-Gato, Miami