Letters to the Editor

Saving the lives of at-risk children

The League of Women Voters of Miami-Dade commends and supports the leadership of the Miami Herald in continuing its reporting of the state of children in Florida and the child-protection system under the Department of Children & Families.

The Dec. 21 story Transparency Lost: Little disclosure on child deaths was shocking.

We’re angry and deeply saddened to learn that in many ways it appears that the state is moving in reverse instead of forward. Instead of saving children’s lives, 56 more children tragically have died since the Innocents Lost investigative series began.

The LWV commended the incredible work that went into the report, and participated in the forum hosted by the Herald. We commend, too, State Sen. Eleanor Sobel and her efforts to secure funding and establish new mandates for DCF with the goal to improve services to these seriously at-risk children and, ultimately, to prevent their deaths and save children’s lives.

We applaud the Herald in continuing to make us all aware of what the state is doing and, more important, not doing. We all agree that children are our future and are our most precious resource.

We need to remain vigilant in doing everything we all can to advocate for transparency, responsible leadership and effective government. We must be an active community for the safety of our children.

Susan Windmiller,

vice president/outreach,

League of Women Voters

of Miami-Dade, Miami