Letters to the Editor

Calling out Trump

I read Mike Fernandez’s full page ad in the Herald with great interest. As an American, I admire his willingness to call out Donald Trump for who he is: a megalomaniac rabble-rouser who seeks self-aggrandizement above all else. As a student of history and American politics, I applaud Fernandez’s many relevant historical references, particularly the oratory of the great uniter, Abraham Lincoln.

Unfortunately, it is such ultra wealthy individuals who helped Trump grab the bully pulpit in the first place. Trump was able to position himself as an establishment outsider, not your typical inside-the-Beltway fat cat, because he didn’t fall prey to the power or purse strings of the super PACs. Meanwhile, Fernandez’s absurdly large donation to Jeb Bush’s PAC Right to Rise upped the ante in the auction-style campaign process, in which super-rich benefactors, rather than the population at large gets to prop up a candidate.

Fernandez rightly criticizes Trump’s abuse of platitudes, but he himself begins to echo the trite campaign theme that America lacks greatness. Let the mainstream population decide if America lacks “greatness,” not another billionaire.

Mark Elman, Miami