Letters to the Editor

Syrians in Turkey

Re the Dec. 19 Other Views article Turkey remains leery about Kurdish refugees: The point about the Syrian refugees in Turkey, including those of Kurdish origin, is that their lives were saved.

These refugees are now safe, and Turkey is caring for all of them without regard to their ethnic or religious background.

Turkey does not receive significant assistance from other countries or organizations in comparison to the sacrifices it is making to shelter so many Syrians.

Not that the numbers matter most on this issue, but, as a matter of fact, the number of Syrians in Turkey is close to 2 million and increasing, not 1 million. Turkey will continue this major humanitarian operation.

We trust the magnitude of our contribution will be appreciated eventually by all.

In the meantime, we will also keep working together with our allies and the international community for a stable Syria at peace with its own people as well as with the outside world, and for a Syria free from terrorism of all sorts.

Özgür Kıvanç Altan, consulate general of the Republic of Turkey, Miami