Letters to the Editor

Stop bashing Trump

Let’s stop the Donald Trump bashing. Here is an individual running for president who speaks his mind.

So on the positive side, you know what he stands for. This is unlike the spoken words of the others like Casper Milquetoast candidates running for president, whether Democrats or Republicans.

They speak beautiful words and of wonderful programs. Unfortunately, history has shown that these words and programs will change quickly once they are in office, if only via bribery and blackmail camouflaged as campaign donations as permitted via the political system.

Gun control legislation is just one splendid example. Trump does not need that money. Thus, Trump can comfortably speak words America wants to hear.

The polls show it. Clearly, his words are contrary to what America has always stood for. However, this world is changing.

What America stood for historically now constitutes a formidable threat to its security. whether Trump is right or wrong, time will tell.

At this moment he might just be our next president, and for those of us who are scared to death that this might happen, let’s stop the bashing and devote our energy to plan for that eventuality.

Peter P. Baljet, Miami