Letters to the Editor

A new breed?

I, too, attended the male symposium at Miami Northwestern Senior High and observed Steve Gallon, who wrote of his experience in the Nov. 28 letter, Killings can’t be the ‘new normal,’ and others speaking to the male students. I recall seeing Johnny Lubin, who would be fatally shot five days later.

I observed speaker after speaker talk to the students, but I cannot recall any empathy from the adults. I don’t recall any speaker asking those young men how they were feeling or how they were coping. I don’t recall any speaker asking those young men if they needed help or offer any help. I don’t recall any speaker mentioning the possible level of trauma that some of those young men are experiencing.

In his letter Gallon spoke of this “new breed of cowardly savages” that “lives and kills with impunity.” I have one question for him. If they are indeed a new breed, who bred them?

Brian Person,

Miami Gardens