Letters to the Editor

Vote for best person

Hateful, acidic emails and public letters are getting stale.

Ferreting fodder by, against, and on behalf of either political party or individual does get old, as is my fondness for our political system and the self-serving behavior of our Democratic and Republican civil servants, whose motivation seems to be the lifetime pension carrot.

Hopefully, a clean-house new breed will surface from the woodwork before election day.

Paul Ryan seems to be the only one who is genuinely willing to sacrifice for the sake of retrieving the GOP from its chaotic state in Congress. He seems to personify a willingness and ability to bridge the gap of partisanship.

Otherwise, despite party affiliation, a vote for the best person for the job of president should be our priority. Unfortunately, he isn’t in the running.

My vote would go to a candidate from any party who merits the position.

H. Allen Benowitz,

North Miami