Letters to the Editor

FIU merges schools

In Tuesday’s Miami Herald, there’s an article about Florida International University considering putting under the same umbrella the School of Journalism, of which I am a graduate, and the School of Architecture. I think it’s a crazy idea, even if it saves FIU money.

If communications and architecture were under the same school, then my diploma and my younger brother’s diploma, who is an architect, would say the same thing, right?

Then, why do we need two different faculties, when we are implying that architecture and communications are equivalent fields of knowledge? He would not need to take all those math courses, and I would not need to take all those writing courses.

Shall we all be taking the same courses because journalism is the same thing as architecture?

Then, so that FIU and all other universities save money, why don’t we eliminate all other different schools and issue all students one-diploma-fits-all when they graduate. Yeah. That will do it.

Carmelo Cabarcas, Hialeah