Letters to the Editor

Terrorists and guns

I know that Fabiola Santiago isn’t a Donald Trump supporter, but she’s a symbol of why he is polling so well. She includes last week’s radical Islamist terror attack in the list of mass shootings that have afflicted our society and suggests that somehow our failure to enact stricter and sensible gun control means that the shootings are partially our fault.

Terrorists will not be stopped by stricter gun control; anyone with common sense understands that. France and California both have strict gun-control laws. Didn’t matter, didn’t help. Left-wing progressives, including our president, refuse to recognize that it’s not terror we are fighting, but rather an anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic apocalyptic radical Islamic ideology that will not stop until stopped.

When we see confused and delusional left-wing ideologues using terror attacks to further their agenda of gun control rather than addressing an ideological war between radical Islam and the West, it makes people think that they have no choice but to turn to a rational, clear thinking, although boorish, candidate. He has one thing going for him: He knows who the enemy is.

Edwin Farber, Miami