Letters to the Editor

Move FIU forward

The Dec. 4 article Youth Fair would make room for FIU under plan for shared home makes me think that, as a community, we are not serious about supporting Florida International University’s expansion.

It’s been a year since Miami-Dade voters spoke in support of FIU’s expansion onto county land, currently occupied by the Fair. Today, we are no closer to that expansion, and now it seems county officials are discussing giving FIU less than the 65 acres approved by voters.

That is unacceptable.

Leaders agree that FIU’s expansion represents an economic boon. Mayor Carlos Gimenez has put his support on the record, as have many of our commissioners.

I call on the county — technically, the landlord — to take responsibility for moving our community forward.

Lourdes Balepogi, chair, FIU President’s Council, Miami