Letters to the Editor

Clean energy

It is fitting that before President Obama attended the climate change summit in Paris the Herald reported on the huge losses South Florida will suffer from rising seas in the Nov. 24 story, Report: Miami could lose billions from coastal flooding by 2050.

As much as $366 billion in South Florida real estate is at risk. Even worse is the estimate that sea level in South Florida will rise by six to 20 inches by 2030, flooding much of the land and buildings that we use every day. This problem will only get worse unless we take serious action to fight climate change.

I support powering our country with more than 50-percent clean energy by 2030, placing us on the path to a completely clean-energy economy. Technology is available to achieve these goals. All that’s holding us back is the failure of political leaders to treat climate change as what it is — a crisis that, left unchecked, will dramatically affect our planet, our communities and our economy.

Samantha Olson, Miami