Letters to the Editor

Hospital costs

Having lived in this area for more than 50 years and served as a healthcare consultant during that time, I think the Dec. 6 article A success story, Baptist Health benefits from exemption, only deals with one side — the success of Baptist Health Systems under Brian Keeley’s leadership.

It doesn’t deal with the many other hospitals that have gone out of business because they didn’t position themselves correctly to not only serve the public, but also to defend themselves from insurance providers whose pricing policies would drive them out of business.

I just went through the process during this last Medicare enrollment period of plan selection. There are some plans that use to contract with Baptist Health Systems, but no longer do. I simply excluded those that do not contract with Baptist because if they are willing to cut corners there, where else would they do that?

While there are ACA plans that price themselves for affordability, there are many that provide adequate coverage and include Baptist in their plan.

It is regrettable that some ACA plans don’t include Baptist, and that folks cannot afford those that do. But such is life in a free-market economy without universal healthcare.

Juan A. Galan Jr.,

Coral Gables