Letters to the Editor

Cuba conundrum

As a 67-year-old former Operation Pedro Pan child, I am appalled at the chauvinistic mentality of a segment of the Cuban-American community and of Cuban-American political leaders. First of all, admit it, the embargo doesn’t work, but President Obama is not abolishing it. Congress will have to do that.

Second, we should also admit Cuba is not likely to suddenly mutate into a Costa Rica given the political, social and cultural impacts of the Castro regime upon two and a half generations of islanders. Third, are we, Cuban Americans, the future saviors of Cuba? We are industrious, entrepreneurial and diligent. But as most humans, we can also be self-centered and occasionally rapacious.

My question to those who oppose Washington’s new policy toward Cuba is: Do you want Cubans in Cuba to be better off even if still under Castro’s despicable regime or do you want vengeance? Do you want Cuba to gradually open up, as it might now do, or do you want to unconditionally eradicate the present system as a question of honor? If it is the latter, then we have to acknowledge it as the idiosyncrasy that it is. If it is so, we have to rise above it, be more Christian and boldly turn the other cheek. Finally, it is time for us to be instruments of change rather than passive reactionaries.

Luis David Losada, Miami