Letters to the Editor

Common Core facts

Glenn Garvin’s Nov. 30 column, Dropouts from Common Core, has little bearing on reality. Garvin begins by calling the Common Core “the Obama administration’s extralegal attempt to turn itself into a national school board.”

In fact, Common Core traces its origins to the National Governors Association and Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush has been a prominent proponent of the standards.

He also writes, “Common Core dictates that algebra be introduced in the ninth grade.” However, the Common Core website says, “The standards do accommodate and prepare students for Algebra 1 in 8th grade by including the prerequisites for this course in grades K-7. Students who master the K-7 material will be able to take Algebra 1 in 8th grade. At the same time, grade 8 standards also include rigorous algebra and will transition students effectively into a full Algebra 1 course.”

Garvin calls the standards “stunningly undemocratic” since taxpayers “had nothing to say about Common Core.”

Most taxpayers know nothing about what should be taught in high school math. If I am wrong, Garvin should use his next column to tell us what he thinks the standards for Trigonometry should be based on his expertise as a taxpayer.

Mike Rosenthal, Miami