Letters to the Editor

Saving Key Biscayne

Letter writer Lawrence Snetman, upset about the residents of Key Biscayne opposing the Miami International Boat Show, is an example of a person who doesn’t understand the harmony of one of our last remaining Miami gems.

Concerned residents of Key Biscayne are to be commended for protecting their beautiful island.

My parents lived there 25 years until the traffic issues and visitors’ disregard and disrespect for the sanctity of Key Biscayne drove them to the Fort Lauderdale Waterway.

Key Biscayne residents incorporated the village because Miami-Dade was moving in with bulldozers mowing down trees.

Village residents, including my two sons and me, banded together, stopped them and replanted the trees. It’s only common sense that thousands of people converging in a small area would create potential dangers and destruction.

It’s obvious residents of Key Biscayne will be left to face the consequences.

The letter writer seems to think this will bring “innumerable good things” to the area. Nothing could be further from the truth. Key Biscayne doesn’t dependent on commercial enterprise.

I’m content to see there are still residents of Key Biscayne who stand up for their community, like my parents did.

Elizabeth Kurau Molina, Miami