Letters to the Editor

To teach, teachers need supplies

Education is the key that opens many doors in the hallway of success. If we fail to properly educate the leaders of tomorrow, we are limiting progress, development and innovation.

We are experiencing a need for a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)-skilled workforce that is prepared to meet business and societal needs. Our students will be able to compete in the ever expanding global marketplace. In order to ensure their success, it is imperative that we provide our educational institutions with the materials needed in the classroom.

The outlook for improving education in Miami-Dade public schools continues to be positive. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts and layoffs throughout the years, public schools have suffered. Now, public school teachers spend more than $400 of their own hard earned money to pay for school supplies, instructional materials and other classroom resources.

Community leaders, educational organizations, governments and non-governmental organizations need to work together for an innovative funding solution to provide our students with hands-on learning opportunities.

In Miami-Dade, the Fuel Your School program is a collaboration between DonorsChoose.org and Chevron that has generated $1.5 million for our schools since 2013 that delivers much needed classroom materials our schools.

I personally encourage each resident in Miami-Dade to help spread the word about Chevron’s Fuel Your School program so teachers will know how to participate next year. We’re all fortunate to have the opportunity to work together to help ensure our students receive a world-class education.

For more information about Chevron’s Fuel Your School program, visit www.fuelyourschool.com and follow the conversation online using #FuelYourSchool.

Anitere Flores, Florida senator, Miami