Letters to the Editor

Few working days

The Nov. 29 editorial, Congress at work, or hardly working?, hits the nail on the head.

Could Congress really only be scheduled to work two days a week next year?

No wonder politicians fight so hard for a job in Congress.

The problem is, two days a week isn’t enough to get the people’s work done. Not even close.

Florida is facing a judicial crisis with three federal court vacancies being declared emergencies.

As a result, many Floridians are unable to access the overburdened, understaffed courts in a timely manner.

Research by the Why Courts Matter Coalition underscores the editorial and details the historic level of obstruction taking place in the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.

The research shows that the Judiciary Committee is on pace to confirm the fewest number of judges since 1953.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, whose GOP colleagues currently control the Senate, should tell Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley we’ve waited long enough.

Rubio should move swiftly to fill these open federal judgeships because justice delayed is justice denied.

Mark Ferrulo, executive director, Progress Florida,

St. Petersburg