Letters to the Editor

Terrorism can’t win

Like every American of good will, my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and families of the San Bernardino tragedy. This was a senseless and unjustifiable act of violence against innocent people. Unfortunately, even before we fully understand the motivation of these killers, we are making statements and staking out positions on the incident, the motives behind it and recommending action to avoid or minimize such terrible incidents in the future.

President Obama is wrong in his reference to no-fly lists and talk about creating similar lists to ban some American citizens from legally acquiring firearms. There is one significant difference between flying, which isn’t a constitutionally guaranteed right and the right of an American to bear arms. I’m surprised that the president, who taught constitutional law, seems to have failed to recognize the difference.

Once all facts are known and regardless of whether this was an act of terrorism or the actions of two or three deranged people we need to remember that our leaders have repeatedly said that if we give up our personal freedoms in reaction to terror, those who attacked us win.

Luis E. Perez, Miami