Letters to the Editor

No more guns

I naively believed that after the 2012 slaughter of tots in Newtown, Connecticut, gun laws would change.

If that massacre of children didn’t touch the minds and hearts of lawmakers, arms manufacturers and gun owners, what would?

Now the almost daily horrific shootings, the latest being in San Bernardino, have again unleashed opinion blabbers who are attributing the violence to mental illness, television, the Internet, the racial divide, etc. ad nauseam.

Millions of words, spoken and written, condemning the shooters’ actions don’t change one whit what’s unthinkable to gun owners: more restrictive gun laws.

Gun violence hasn’t stopped. As a matter of fact, the frequency of mass shootings has escalated, as is evident with the recent rash of them.

Draconian measures are now in order. We’ve either given lip service to or ignored every other possible solution to stopping the deaths and injuries. Here’s a proposal:

Make all guns illegal. No guns, no matter what — not for hunting, not for defending oneself, not for a well-regulated militia, not for target practice.

How would we confiscate the 300 million or more guns privately owned in this country? I don’t know. But can we at least stop speculating about the problem and actually do something about it?

Joyce Curtis, Hollywood