Letters to the Editor

For the children

El Nuevo Herald photographer Roberto Koltun has had splendid photographic work published in the Herald for years.

Yet, none has impressed me more than the one depicting the magnificent diversity of Miami-Dade children in the Nov. 26 Neighbors section.

I couldn’t help but think of how much we must have in place for that future generation of Miamians.

It’s most important that we be totally prepared for any kind of disaster that climate change might throw at us. And then, as Americans, it is imperative to foster a new culture of moderation where devotion to objective truth prevails over partisanship; where extremes are totally rejected and where unity, above all differences, is striven for passionately.

The times are adamantly demanding a change of direction for our nation as the greatest threat, ominous as it looks, is not external but, frankly, inside of all of us.

Felipe Fernandez, Miami