Letters to the Editor

No climate change

I wonder why educated people are so susceptible to environmental fear mongering.

With so many urgent issues to deal with in the here and now, why get so worked up about what might happen 50 years to 100 years from now? Why put so much faith in experts whose dire predictions from a decade ago have not come to fruition? Anyone who believes that significant reductions in the use of inexpensive carbon-based energy is the answer is living in a fantasy world.

The best way to deal with any potential ramifications of climate change — manmade or otherwise — is to have a robust economy. Wealth will allow for us to develop the technologies needed to adapt to an ever-changing planet. Moving to alternative energy sources prior to their being economically feasible will only do more harm. I trust the free market much more than I do politicians to make a better future for the earth.

Scott Schertzer,

Miami Beach