Letters to the Editor

Americans on guard

Politicians from both parties and from sundry organizations speak of terrorists and extremists in the ranks of Islam, but dodge defining the extent of the problem.

President Obama has pointed out that the radical element in Islam is miniscule and the religion must not be judged on the basis of these terrorists.

Islam is a religion of peace, he has said, and no just God could ever endorse the slaughter or beheading of innocent persons simply because they do not subscribe to the teachings of the Koran.

I believe that most Americans recognize that Islam is not to be judged by the actions of terrorists. But there are about 1.65 billion Muslims in the world.

If one or two percent are extremists, the math tells us that there are between 10 and 20 million Muslims who accept jihad, or holy war, against infidels whose sin is that they are not Muslims and, therefore, deserve to die.

The solution is twofold: America must be on guard at all times, and the majority of Muslims must work at full speed to excise that element of hate within its ranks.

William Juneau,