Letters to the Editor

Remember Hitler

As a child in the ’50s and early ’60s, I listened as many of my father’s friends condemn the Germans for having elected Adolf Hitler.

They suggested a reasonable electorate wouldn’t have elected such a bombastic, disingenuous hater had there been nothing wrong with the electorate themselves. Those folks also asserted that no such person could ever be elected in the United States.

With that memory in mind, I watch amazed — and not without some discomfort — at one candidate’s current success. This man calls people stupid and losers and makes assertions that do not hold up to scrutiny. When pushed for details about made promises, few specifics are forthcoming.

The political pundits insist that such a candidate will not make it completely through the election process. But he has made it a lot further than many have expected. And my memory about my father’s friend assertions seem less comforting.

Sid Kaskey, South Miami