Letters to the Editor

Condo-tower blight

“Eight acres of lavish waterfront living” is the lead-in of the advertisement for the latest blight on our landscape — Prive. It is hard to tell from the picture, but it looks like this development is cramming at least nine condo towers on a little sandbar and calling it the “#1 most desired residence in Florida.”

I don’t know how many units each tower will contain, or how many people will live in them, but I’m certain that it will not be lavish living. Instead, it will be another example of a developer who cares nothing for our environment and a commission that approved this project without considering its effect on the rest of our community.

While world leaders discuss climate change in Paris, we blissfully allow more development that will overwhelm our ability to cope with more traffic, create the need for more electrical power and force us to figure how to deal with more toilets flushing their way into the already clogged sewage system.

We long ago reached the point of no return when it comes to population on our finite bit of land.

Eugene P. Rosenthal, Miami