Letters to the Editor

School scams blame

In Sunday's Miami Herald, columnist Fred Grimm penned an article titled Oversight panel overlooks college scam.

Grimm asserted that the state’s Commission for Independent Education (CIE) neglected to provide oversight of two for-profit colleges: FastTrain, headed by Alejandro Amor, and Dade Medical College owned by Ernesto Perez.

Grimm further noted their victims totaled 3,300 students, who were lured and lied into taking tens of millions in financial aid which they are now stuck with along with years of wasted time and labor as these scam schools have shut down.

Grimm's article begs several questions:

Who oversees the CIE? Shouldn't its members be punished for dereliction of their duties? How about other public employees?

What justice is there for the students who suffered from these scams?

Shouldn't they, at the very least, be remunerated from the confiscated property of these criminals?

The perpetrators of this crime remind me of a line from folksinger Woody Guthrie’s song, Pretty Boy Floyd:

I've seen lots of funny people, I've seen lots of funny men; some will rob you with a six-gun, and some with a fountain pen.

Oran Lindquist,

Cutler Bay