Letters to the Editor

Bal Harbour life

In reference to several recent articles on the Church by the Sea, as a longtime Bal Harbour Village resident, it is disheartening that an outside group is now involving itself in our Village matters to stop the Bal Harbour Shops enhancements and keep the Church by the Sea from moving to a better building.

I don’t know who the Bal Harbour Neighbors Alliance is — aside from a few ugly e-mail messages that don’t represent my community — nor do I know a single Village resident who is a part of it.

What I do know is that the Bal Harbour Shops is a globally known asset for our community and the Church by the Sea has done a lot of good for Villagers over the years.

The Shops enhancements will bring more restaurants and open spaces to the Village. And the church should be allowed to chart its own course.

Who are we to tell them where they must worship?

Raymond Slate,

Bal Harbour