Letters to the Editor

FSU players

The Nov. 25 article FSU official details favorable treatment of players leaves the impression FSU football players get preferential treatment when it comes to how rape charges are handle. But in fact, the “favorable treatment” that they receive, which was cited in the full AP article, is help from the team’s support staff in finding legal representation and other services, which they deserve. This is the case for all athletes in elite college programs.

Having a son who played college sports on scholarship, I know that athletes receive tutoring and assistance on academic and personal business matters from team staff to ensure they stay focused on their athletic obligations.

I am not a particular fan of FSU and do not endorse any nonconsensual behavior. But I want to make sure that the message does not unfairly portray FSU as doing anything underhanded or that which is not done for athletes at most athletic programs.

Jim Klosowski, Miami