Letters to the Editor

Suarez makes sense

The wisdom and courage of Miami-Dade County Commissioner Xavier Suarez won the day when he inspired his colleagues to defer until Dec. 9 consideration of the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s permit application. NMMA wants to force its massive boat show into the sensitive site and waterfront basin where the Miami Marine Stadium sits.

With well-reasoned arguments, Suarez transformed the often-prompt acquiescence in favor of developers into a thoughtful session that gave consideration to the irreparable damage this project is bringing to beautiful beaches, parks and treasured institutions established along the Rickenbacker Causeway and to a vibrant residential community where residents expected to live in peace.

Suarez has become the decisive voice for all county residents, one that they have been wanting to hear loud and clear for a long time.

Raul Llorente, Key Biscayne